About Us

TEM International School of Beauty and Comprehensive Studies(TISBACS) in Uganda, is a vocational Institute offering quality courses in various beauty, fashion disciplines and decoration related activities. The institution which is the brain child of innovative and experienced bussiness enterprenuers, has been operational for the last ten years. TISBACS prides in a pool of proffesional instructors who are rich in vocational education and application.

70% of our graduates are employed and 20% have started up their own saloons, boutiques, events management companies, and parlours and 10% are working in other areas. We currently have 100 students being trained in different fields. The efficient services we provide are specific to each client in response to his/her needs.

TISBACS is a non denomational international school, which attracts female and male students from all religious, political,economic and cultural backgrounds. The facility equally provides space for school dropouts. The category in question is encouraged to enrol in areas of interest and this helps them to develop their inborn talents.

Tem international school of beauty and comprehensive studies (TISBACS) is strategically located in the central part of Uganda. We are located in Kampala the capital city and conveniently situated at Luwum Street, Faibaah plaza, 3rd floor opposite Jemba plaza with well-equipped classrooms.

the institution provides affordable accomodation and transport at a fee. The hostels are conducive for learning and accomodation

At TISBACS, we pay high attention to our clients with extra ordinary customer care services


TISBACS believes that when efforts are combined to work as a team it can achieve its objectives and as such we have a strong teaching team. The school has developed a team based management structure that handles the whole from the top management to the lowest person in the school they have a skill which enables the school to run cohesively

This team is dedicated to ensuring that the clients’ needs are satisfied thereby leaving a lasting impression in the student’s mind. All services are delivered by skilled and professionals who have interests at heart. We strive to keep up with the latest trends and developments in the beauty industry Our success rest upon the well skilled and professional staff who are trained to the professional. And is a contributing factor to our success.


Developing Professionals


To give a chance to hone skills to their privileged and underprivileged in the society.


  • To provide practical knowledge and skills
  • To improve on the standard the youth.
  • To commit to the client
  • Commitment to team work with and among the our students
  • Commitment to transformation of the youth in moral and ethical values
  • To train our students in moral and ethical values

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